I woke up early and decided to ride the metro. As I was walking down to the metro I found a coffee shop and ordered some coffee. To my surprise, I got about a teaspoon of coffee but that was about the strongest coffee I have ever had. I then caught the metro over the Colosseum. First time riding the metro was interesting but I made it. I walked out of the metro station and there it was, very cool! I went and got some breakfast before my tour and did a little shopping. The tour started just outside the Colosseum. It was skip the line, so I got to walk right into the Colosseum. I noticed a lot of holes in the structure. Apparently, I found out on our tour, in the middle ages, people drilled holes into the Colosseum to take out the metal that was in the structure. I was also very surprised how large it was, it was in my opinion larger than the UT stadium. Certainly much larger than I imagined. We then walked into the Colosseum like the gladiator would and walked all around it. After that tour we headed to the Forum. The Forum was interesting but of course since most of the building have been destroyed its hard to get an idea what it might have looked like. But, I did find it fun to walk down the streets like I was a Roman. The palace looked like it was amazing but of course it being in mainly ruins.. After the tour I headed to the Capitol Building built by Mussolini. It was beautiful and I had lunch on top. Then I headed to my next tour which started at the Spanish Steps. The tour was pretty good, we got to see most of the other important sites including the Parthenon and Trevy Fountain.

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