Naples, Italy

I flew into Rome on April 1 and caught the train to Naples from Rome. My flight came in on time at 7:50 and my train was at the downtown station at 9:00. Once I got downtown Rome I had to run to my train. I met a young Roman guy that helped me but he charged me an arm and a leg. You have to be careful of those people at the train stations…which I found out later. When I got to Naples I took a bus to Pompeii, Italy. The Bus Driver was a little crazy….that large of bus is not meant for the roads in Italy. When the Italians on the bus are scared than you should be too. I also learned how crazy the roads are and the way the motorcycles drive around the cars is psycho. I got to Pompeii train station and found out that Pompeii is not where the museum are. However, I found this great driver at the train station. He took me first to almost the top of Vesuvius. There, I got out of the car, and walked about half way to the top. I was a little concerned to leave my stuff in the car, so I went back down. There I purchased a cool geode from gift shop, see the picture. Then the driver took me to a winery for lunch. There for 25E I got a full course Italian traditional meal and 4 glasses of wine. And, the view was beautiful! In fact, later on a purchased a painting to remind me of that experience. After the great meal, I went down to Herculaneum to see a city covered by the Volcano. The pompeii musuem was closed on Mondays. Then I got on the train and went to Rome. I caught a taxi at the train station and found my hotel, Comic Book. Met an Italian boy there that wanted to be a judge. And, we had dinner. Then I came back and went to sleep.


Note: You have to catch a train from the airport to Rome, then Rome to Naples.

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